The exoticism of Bambuddha

Zona del restaurante

Bambuddha symbolizes the dream place for those lovers of Asian culture, either because their architecture and decoration or because their exotic cuisine. It combines perfectly the two elements to make the diner travel to Bali without moving from the Mediterranean.

The restaurant is placed in the interior of the island, in the km 8.5 of San Juan road (Santa Eulália del Río), but it is easy to find. The first image you see once you enter the premises it’s worthy to contemplate: a majestic and giant Balinese Banak made of bamboo is raised right in front of you, beneath which we found the restaurant area, so wide and warm and full of little details to create a unique setting. All the space is full of plants and bamboo (which gives it a wild and tropical air), Balinese beds and god figures that fuse influences from Buddhism and Tantra.

Their cuisine is what they call MediterrAsian, Mediterranean products but together with oriental ingredients and species that makes the combination a delight for the senses. They are gourmet dishes, very elaborated, based in unique compositions of color and flavor, with a highly meticulous presentation. You can find mussels cooked in coconut sauce, beef Tataki, many types of curry and vegetarian options. Moreover, they offer a great variety of Sushi and Sashimi for those devotees to Japanese food.

However Bambuddha is not just an especial restaurant, it offers more possibilities as fantastic cocktails and wines in the Bar Siam. You can as well take a stroll in the Tantra and Zen gardens, or if you are looking privacy for some kind of celebration or meeting, they have closed halls with the same decoration style as the rest of spaces. Reaching the end of the enclosure it’s the Tantra Boutique, run by the daughter of the founder John Moon, where are sold erotic articles that have much to do with this philosophy. Bambuddha closes every season with a spectacular Halloween party the 1st of November.

Zona del bar

Bar areaGambas Tigre en Curry rojo y Tataki de ternera - Bambuddha.comTiger Prawns in Red Curry and Tataki Beef –

Pagoda -

Pagoda –

Interior del restaurante -

The interior of the restaurant –














San Juan road, km 8.5, Santa Eulalia del Río

Phone number: 971 19 75 10


Additional services: Valet parking


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