Typical restaurants in Ibiza

Can Pilot

Can Pilot is a famous restaurant amongst local people where they go when they want to eat good quality food. No refinements or design dishes will be found here. Its speciality is grilled meat and its star dish is the ox steak, it comes sliced and you cook it directly over stone. You can not miss the ‘pluma ibérica’ or the grilled chicken, whose flavor has nothing to do with chicken from another place.

As a side dish, they offer three classic and delicious siders: potatoes with pepper and fried garlic, roasted potatoes or roasted peppers. They also have a wide variety of salads and traditional dishes such as fried octopus, fried pork or stuffed aubergines for those who do not want meat. For dessert it is mandatory to order the Flaó (cheese cake with mint) or the Graixonera (pudding with ensaimadas base), two of the most typical and delicious desserts of Ibiza. It is advisable to book in advanced.

Address: Ctra. Eivissa-Sant Antoni, s / n, 07816 Sant Rafael.

Time: from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at noon and from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. at night.

Phone: 971 19 82 93

Can Berri Vell

Located right in the center of the small town of Sant Agustí, in front of the whitewashed church that stands in the middle of the square, is Can Berri Vell, one of the most mythical restaurants which will make you fall in love with its surroundings and its food.

Getting inside it means to get closer to the roots and history of the island, since Can Berri Vell is documented as an Ibizan house of the seventeenth century, with a watchtower that was used as protection against pirates and corsairs. With white and robust walls, wooden beam ceilings and decorative details based on everyday antique objects, it will take you to the authentic Ibiza. It has a fantastic patio, a porch and a terrace on the second floor, which will make, even more pleasant, to have lunch or dinner in summer.

Its cuisine is based on a traditional but innovative food, created by chef Bruno Hernández. Dishes of Mediterranean inspiration, made with the best quality local products, whose maximum is the respect to the ingredients they use.

Its extensive menu offers a wide variety of creative cold and hot starters as well as meat and fish dishes. Do you want to know our recommendations? The “Grilled octopus over creamy romescu with orange, bergamot foam and lemon grass or the “Roasted turbot over carrots cream and caramelised citrus with white truffle aroma “. You can not leave the place without trying the “Ravioli filled with sweet black pudding and boletus edulis sauce: it is our favorite! The traditional Ibizan desserts such as the Flaó or the Graixonera, also have their updated version in Can Berri Vell. Vicente, the manager, always has a recommendation or an anecdote and he tends to invite you to a shot at the end of the dinner. It is essential to book.

Address: Plaça Major, 2, 07839 San Agustín.

Time: Open Monday to Saturday from the beginning of April until the end of October. During July and Augus, it is open every day. Only nights from 8:00 p.m. at 12:00 p.m.

Phone: 971 34 43 21

Can Balafia

Can Balafia offers simple but of an unbeatable quality. His menu is based on grilled meats, cooked in wood-burning stoves, among which you can choose leg of lamb, lamb chops or shoulder of lamb, steak, pagés chicken, rabbit or pork chops. Our recommendation is that you order on of it’s delicious salads of tomato and chips –cut in its own way –as a sider. They also offer homemade desserts among which the flan or the typical Flaó and Greixonera stand out.

It should be noted that, due to the reputation of its grill, is a much sought after restaurant, specially in summer, so it would be necessary to book several days or even weeks in advance.

Address: the restaurant is located on the road to Sant Joan, near kilometer 15.4 coming from Ibiza, just before the detour to Sant Carles.

Time: open all year round (not on Sundays). From November to March they also close on Mondays.

Phone: 971 32 50 19

Es Boldadó

This restaurant is a great option if you want to eat good looking at the sea. Es Boldadó is placed in Cala D’Hort, right in front of Es Vedrá island, and besides having some beautiful views towards the coast, it offers delicious sea food, fresh fish and rice dishes among other things.

Among its specialities it is Bullit de peix –a rockfish stew with potatoes very typical of Ibiza – with arroz a banda (kind of paella, where ther is only rice cooked with the Buillt de peix soup), as well as grilled fish or the catch of the day, which can be prepared grilled, on the oven or with Donostiarra sauce. If you would like to have paella, in Es Boldadó are experts in rice too. Apart from the classic dishes, they also have paella with espardeñas (explicación) and shrimps, which you should try.

Address: Cala d’Hort, s/n 07830 Ibiza Sant Josep de sa Talaia.

Time: kitchen open from 1pm to 3pm.

Phone: 626494537



Salvadó is one of those few restaurants that you would probably know because someone recommended to you. In there, it is more frequent to see local people than tourists. This restaurant is placed above a cliff over some small fisherman houses, having amazing views to the sea and Pou des Lleó, a small cove in San Carlos.

It is a familiar and traditional restaurant that has been opened for more tan twenty years, which is specialized in Bullit de peix which is served with rice in broth (instead of arroz a banda). I can tell you that you won’t leave Salvadó hungry as they offer you more fish stew with potatoes as soon as you finish the big tray they served you in the first place. The same happens with the rice pot, that they refill (or ask you to refill) with more rice if you finish it.

If you are not that hungry, you can order some other of their delicious dishes base on fresh sea food, as grilled fish, paella or sea food as shrimps or mussels. For dessert, they have they typical Greixonera, flan, crema catalana or baked apple. You must try Café caleta, an Ibizan hot coffe made with rum, brandy, sugar and cinnamon.

It is important to know that at night they only offer grilled fish if you don’t call first to order in advanced an specific dish.

The best of the best: relax having a coffee in the terrace they have under the restaurant looking at Pou des Lleó cove.

You should book in advanced, specially on weekends.

Address: Platja de Pou des Lleó, 07850 San Carlos de Peralta.

Time: from 1pm t o 4:30pm and from 7:30om to 10:30pm. It is closed from October to March.

Phone: 971 18 78 79

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